Vote for your Favorite(DACs) Today

Vote for your Favorite(DACsToday

Vote for your Favorite(DACsToday





The MetisDAO Foundation’s DAOtribution Campaign is an effort to foster the community growth of DACs on the KORIS application. Starting February 6th, apply for a grant issued by MetisDAO Foundation to launch their DACs on KORIS. DACs can receive upwards of $1,500 issued in Metis tokens awarded after a community vote is hosted through weekly governance proposals. In total, MetisDAO Foundation will issue up to $15,000 worth of grants in Metis tokens. 

To apply for the grant, qualified applicants will be selected through a governance voting process hosted on the KORIS platform. Communities are encouraged to vote for the applicants they wish to receive the grants. Through this community-led decision making process, the first DACs on KORIS will be formed, kicked off by a grant sponsored by MetisDAO Foundation. 

The goal of the DAOtribution Campaign is to provide funding for groups to launch their DAC and to use the KORIS application to benefit other DAOs through a core product or service.

  1. Applicants with 3 verifiably individual people on their team - Verifiably eligible individuals are people that can be verified by a social identity e.g. Twitter direct message
  2. Have a product/service in the proposal that would be created or expanded upon that would benefit an existing DAO
  3. The DAO that you are providing a product/service for must have a live website
  4. The DAO has to have both a Twitter and Discord
  • Create a DAC to support the development of an existing DAO or application
  • Launch a Podcast related to an existing DAO
  • Create a proposal to educate Web2 developers on Web3 technologies for an existing DAO
  • Fund the creation of content or reports on zK technology that benefit their DAO

Members of the Metis Discord who join the MetisDAC on the Koris Platform - Access to the Koris Platform to voters will be given within the first week of the DAOtribution launch

  1. Applicants submit grant proposals on the Typeform
  2. Eligibility criteria is evaluated by the MetisDAO Foundation team
  3. Proposals are posted on the MetisDAC Governance page on the KORIS application
  4. MetisDAC members will be able to vote on the proposal, with a 1-account-1-vote model
  5. The voting period ends within one week of a “Kohort” start date (6 Kohorts in total)
  6. Winners are announced

The DAOtribution campaign will start on February 6, 2023 and ends on April 4, 2023

The DAOtribution proposals and rewards will be issued in five Kohorts. Each Kohort will last two weeks. The dates may overlap with other Kohorts:

  • Kohort 1: February 6th - February 21st
  • Kohort 2: February 13th - February 28th
  • Kohort 3: February 20th - March 7th
  • Kohort 4: February 27th - March 21th
  • Kohort 5: March 21th - April 4th

The voting starts at 12pm ET on Monday and ends at 12pm ET on the following Monday for each Kohort. The first Kohort voting period starts on February 13.

Winners will be announced on the Tuesday after the voting closes for each Kohort.

Yes, you can apply for 1 proposal for each Kohort, so a maximum of 5 proposals total. Any previously non-winning eligible submissions can be resubmitted and entered into a future Kohort.

No, you can only have one active proposal for the Kohort

Yes - After winning the DAOtribution vote, the winners must complete the following three (3) milestones to be eligible for the full amount.

  • Milestone 1:
    • Create your DAC
    • Connect your Discord
  • Milestone 2:
    • Add members from your Discord (at least 10 members must join the DAC)
  • Milestone 3:
    • Issue a minimum of 3 tasks
    • At least 2 tasks must be completed by non-admin members of the DAC

The ability for the winners to create a DAC on the Koris Platform will be enabled shortly after the winners are declared.

Simply applying for a DAOtribution grant does not impact your status on the KORIS Beta Partner Waitlist. The only change that may occur is if your qualified proposal is approved for a grant by the community, then your pending status will be expedited and you’ll be granted the ability to start your DAC and onboard members to the KORIS platform. 

The DAOtribution is sponsored and hosted by the MetisDAO Foundation, the MetisDAO Foundation will be using KORIS as a platform to post proposals and have users vote on the listed proposals.

The MetisDAO Foundation provides both the official Rules and Terms and Conditions documents. Any information listed in this FAQ is based off of the Rules as of February 6th, 2023